What’s new in Liferay 7 / Liferay DXP ?

Available Liferay flavours

  • Liferay Community Edition  is generally called Liferay 7 .
  • Liferay Enterprise Edition  is generally called Liferay DXP .

Latest Technical Framework

  • JDK 8
  • Tomcat 8
  • Mysql 5.7
  • Liferay IDE 3

The Big One : Modularity – OSGi

  • Overall design has changed from Monolithic to Micro services
  • Changing the DXP / L7 is quite easy now as we can override the liferay modules with our own modules.
  • Liferay Module Framework
  • Now 500+ new modules out of box available .
  • Apache Felix as OSGi Container
  • Declarative Services
  • Bndtools for runtime dependency management
  • Gogo Shell for managing the module lifecycle
  • Semantic Versioning
  • Blade Tool/Blade CLI for project templates

New Features

  • New Forms user experience
  • Geolocate any content
  • Audience Targeting

Look and Feel Changes

  • Lexicon Design Language
  • Fluid and extensible
  • Optimized product navigation
  • New image, file and media selector
  • Fast response – avoiding full page refreshes
  • Single Page Applications – supported through senna.js

Other Major Changes

  • Lucene Gone, Elastic Search is supported now (Available in Liferay bundle but recommended as a Separate Server) .
  • No Ant , Gradle as new build tool (although maven is still supported)
  • Node.js/Yomen/Gulp for Theme development
  • New mobile SDK with Liferay screens 2
  • Clustering is supported Only in EE

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